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Artificial culture stone is our key products, which  is made of white cement(GB/T2015 requirements), ceramsite(GB/T2840requirements  ), inorganic pigment(from BAYER), fiber, waterproof agent,sand and other aggregate materials. Different series, different shapes.
The matched corner for each sort of stones flats will create a perfect wall decoration!
BOAO artificial stones characteristics:
1.Stone type variety, surface texture delicate, color style diversity, and customization acceptable.
2.Light weight, only  1/3 the weight of the same size of natural stone.
3.Easy, low-cost and quick Installation, and maintenance free once installed.
4.Durability with good impact resistance, pressure resistance, and freezing-thaw resistance.
5.Dampness penetration, heat preservation and sound insulation as building covering.
6.Environmental friendly,odor-free,radiation-free,non-toxic,heat-insulation,non-radioactive.
7.Energy saving comparing to the natural stone resources.