Ledge stone

BOAO Ledges Stone provides the unique visual effects with differences in colors, shapes and surface textures!

    • Ledge stone
    • Ledge stone
    • Ledge stone
    • Ledge stone
    • Ledge stone
    • Ledge stone
    • Ledge stone
    • Ledge stone
    • 20B27
    • 20B28
    • 20G44
    • 20G50
    • 20G64
    • 20G52
    • 20502
    • 20G68

    • 20003-2
    • 20C78
    • 20D58
    • 20E74
    • 70B25
    • 70B47
    • 70B85
    • 70B89
    • 70D90
    • 70D08
    • 70D35
    • 70D75
    • 70D82
    • 70E48
    • 70F20
    • 70F70-2
    • 70F86
    • 70G59
    • 70H74-1
    • 70H77
    • 70H79
    • 70G80
    • 70H81
    • 70H82

    Product Description

    Type 20 is our classical stone veneers used on the horizontal and vertical surfaces of wall, and will be well-matched with other BOAO manufactured stone veneers through proper color proportions.

    Type 70 is a mixed-types artificial culture stone with varied shapes combinations and free-style pattern, and bring a new kind of building decoration idea for the wall covering designers.

    Model Type 20, Type 70
    Color Multiple choice or customization ;
    Size Shape Irregularity Length: 100~500mm, Width: ;40~160mm, Thickness: 30~50mm
    Weight ≤27Kg/sq.m,
    Corner The matched corner
    Packing Wooden crate with fumigation
    Usage Interior & exterior wall, such as Park, Yard, ;Villa, Plaza, ;Cafes, Bars ;counter, ;Culture Center, Entertainment Center, ;Office, apartment, Hotel, House, Garden ;fence, Landscaping decoration ;and anywhere you want to use!

    Remarks: data only for reference.

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